Life Skills

Creating Brighter Days

"Anxiety does not 
empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength."

Charles Spurgeon


Parenting support

Parenting is hard; but it can be amazing. 

A wide range of approaches can make the task more manageable. Structuring your home for success, behaviour management coaching and general parenting guidance are some of the many services Liz can offer. 


Looking for the right person to train your staff? 

With a wide range of experience in educational and clinical settings, Liz is an engaging public speaker and the ideal choice for your next training event.  


Sometimes all you need is to talk things through with someone who can help. Whether struggling with anxiety, wanting to build more resilience, or seeking to improve relationships, Shining Life Skills offers opportunities for you or your child to learn to manage some of the stresses of everyday life. 


Shining Life Skills is a consultancy that prides itself on meeting people where they're at....literally! We do consultations at your child's school (with permission of the school), in home appointments or in one of several local cafes. The aim is to make it work for you. 



Passionate teacher, empathetic counsellor and understanding parent, Liz started Shining Life Skills with over 20 years of experience helping people.


She has taught in private and government schools and has counselled children, couples and families in educational and clinical settings. Liz is also a requested public speaker in community and  educational settings. 

From a deep desire to see all people living their best life, Liz brings to the table wise guidance and practical tips and strategies for navigating the challenges of everyday life. 

Qualifications & Professional Registration

Masters of Family Studies with Distinction 

Bachelor of Education

Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy

M.A.C.A (Level 1)



What people are saying.

"As a professional and a mum, I cannot speak highly enough of Liz Giovas.

During her professional presentations at our school, I not only acquired skills to incorporate in my classroom with my students, but she also gave excellent strategies and tips for communicating with parents and professional colleagues.


In recent months, Liz has worked with my son and has helped him deal with various anxieties and behaviours. She has empowered him by working with him, giving him strategies that were practical, teaching him, cheering him on, and all without judgement. Her help has been invaluable to our family and has given our son the confidence he has needed to cope in everyday situations.

Liz is kind, caring, respectful and has a wonderful rapport with children and adults. 

I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Alissa Williamson

"In all instances I have observed her tremendous professionalism, wise dealings and deep care for student outcomes across a wide variety of circumstances, both with students and parents. Liz is highly regarded in the community and is a wonderful asset to both the staff and parent bodies. Any organisation or endeavour would benefit greatly from her enthusiasm, generosity and broad experience."

Ps Peter Malcolm, Primary School Chaplain, King's Christian College

"Liz is an excellent communicator with an ability to show her compassion for people, in a thoughtful, heartfelt and professional manner.  Liz is insightful, intelligent, and offers both skills and experience."

Adele ramsay, Head of secondary school, Rivermount College

Liz Giovas has been a caring, professional counsellor for our family. We can not praise her enough for her assistance in dealing with a variety of issues. She never judges, positively reaffirms, gently guides and offers valuable, useful assistance that has helped our family significantly. Liz is a great listener and her advice is respectful and kind. Her support has been invaluable to us and we do not hesitate to recommend her.

Marcelle Searles


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phone : 0411 988 117

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