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Bibliotherapy? What's That?!

Bibliotherapy has been used for decades officially (but much longer than that unofficially!) and can be described as the use of books or stories to address personal challenges. I did some research into Bibliotherapy while studying my Masters degree and the possibilities for it's uses literally are endless!

People who work with children often tend to use stories to teach valuable life lessons but with proper training you can make the most of storytime by using three simple to remember steps.

It gives me such joy to provide great professional development and I'd love to come to your school or early years centre to give some of the most fun, informative and engaging professional development your staff have ever attended!

In the meantime, please enjoy this free list of some of my favourite books to read to young people and some of the helpful topics they cover.

On Teamwork

Mission Incrocible

Chris Collin

Illus by Megan Kitchin

On Everyone having a part to play

Wombat Divine

Mem Fox

Illus by Kerry Argent

Things aren’t always as we think they are (looking at how we think about things)

This is a ball

Beck & Matt Stanton

What makes you different makes you special

Harry the Highlander – Up the Glen

Cameron Scott

Illus by Cee Biscoe

The importance of family

The Things I Love About Family

Trace Moroney

Keeping special memories with us

All My Treasures – A Book of Joy

Jo Witek

Illus by Christine Roussey

Everyone is Special

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giles Andreae

Illus by Guy Parker-Rees

Friendship is more important than cheating


Rob Biddulph

Who we are make us important, not what we do

Koala Lou

Mem Fox

Illus by Pamela Lofts

Learning to speak up when it’s important

Danny, the Duck with no Quack

Malachy Doyle, Janet Samuel

Mistakes are OK

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein

Illus by Mark Pett

The beauty of sharing

The Sad Little Monster & the Jelly Bean Queen

Kym Ladner

It’s OK to cry

(Particularly in relation to a pet’s death, excellent to read to boys in particular)

Tough Boris

Mem Fox

Illus by Kathryn Brown

Saying Please

Benjamin Bear Says Please

Claire Freedman

Illus by Steve Smallman

Everyone can be good at something

Yes We Can!

Sam McBratney

Illus by Charles Fuge

The importance of community & being wise

(Lots of brilliant discussion points!)

Here We Are

Oliver Jeffers

The downside of attention seeking

Pig the Star

Aaron Blabey

The importance of difference in community

The Not So Perfect Penguin

Steve Smallman

How to Make Friends

Fox Makes Friends

Adam Relf

The difficulties of moving and being the ‘new kid’

Sunday Chutney

Aaron Blabey

Being Yourself

Starting Kindergarten or School

Just Jack

Jane Tanner

The Importance of Heartfelt Gifts

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Ben Mantle


(Absolutely brilliant book for thinking of others)

The Very Cranky Bear

Nick Bland

Separation and Loss

(Fantastic book for separation anxiety with regard to school or permanent loss)

The Invisible String

Patrice Karst

Illus by Geoff Stevenson

Understanding Feelings/Emotional Literacy

The Way I Feel

Janan Cain

Helping to understand and try to overcome anxiety

The Whatifs

Emily Kilgore

Illus by Zoe Persico

Talking about bullying

Jilly and the Bully

Lowen Taylor

Illus byGeoff Hupfeld

Making Friends

Why Can’t I Play?

Elizabeth Hawkins

Illus byBill Bolton

How words can damage and learning to use words wisely

The Word War

Mark Hadley

Illus by Amy Lees

Being kind and sharing

Is that what friends do?

Marjorie Newman

Illus byPeter Bowman

Unity despite diversity

Whoever You Are

Mem Fox

Illus by Leslie Staub

Getting attention in healthy (vs unhealthy) ways

The Very Itchy Bear

Nick Bland

Educators, parents and those on the 'frontline' with children often have amazing ideas of good books to read. Please do let me know the names of your favourite books and the topics they cover in the comments below and we can look at adding them to the list!


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